Monday, June 30, 2008

needles and x-rays

This post is just about what happened today.

All 5 of us had appointments at the hospital in Nykarleby for our chest x-rays (tuberculosis screening). We had also been told to pop our heads in the lab and check if they had time for us, too. Turns out they did, so we started there. We hadn't been completely forthcoming with the boys about the blood work (didn't want to give them anything to stress about ahead of time) so it wasn't until Stefan was sitting in the chair that they knew they would be getting blood drawn as well.

It went fairly well. Joel wanted to watch Stefan so he would know what to expect. Sam wanted to go second so he could get it over with. Mattias would have liked to skip the whole thing . . . I just kneeled by Joel when it was his turn so he could hold my hand (Stefan was getting his x-rays done). They had to use a smaller needle on him cuz his veins were so little. Mattias started to panic a bit when it was his turn. He had to sit on my lap and a second technician had to help hold his arm. He wouldn't take his eyes off the needle, so he couldn't relax or allow himself to be distracted by anything else. They used the smaller needle on him, too. Near the end, he jolted his arm, so blood kinda spilled all over, but other than that, it went fine.

The x-rays should have been uneventful, but Mattias went all pale and had to lay down with his feet up. He was close to fainting (not the first time for him). Afterwards, everybody got to see their x-rays up on the light board and the technician pointed out all the organs and bones. The boys loved that. Mattias is happy to tell anyone that in his x-ray you can see an air bubble in his bowel . . .

Afterwards, we took them out for pizza for lunch and then to a cafe for some special pop they only sell there (it was a bribe for the blood work . . .).

Tonight, Sam worked for 3 hours (he's swimming right now) and I took Mattias to Nykarleby for soccer practice. It was nice when we left, but it rained for almost the whole practice. We were both soaked and freezing when we got home. Now we are just trying to warm up. Maybe some hot chocolate will do the trick . . .

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