Wednesday, December 24, 2008

my baby is 14!

Monday was Sam's 14th birthday. Hard to believe how fast time flies! For his birthday, he wanted the 6 of us to go bowling, just like last year (only 5 then). The event went ok, but Joel and Mattias get frustrated with the repeated gutter-balls. 10-pin is hard! Sofia and Stefan bowled as one person and she thought it was fun, but she got VERY frustrated every time she had to wait for her turn.

In the evening, Stefan's family came over for coffee and cake. It was the first time Sofia had to deal with kids (her cousins) at our house, in her room. She handled it pretty well, but it was a late evening and probably stressful for her, so settling down for bed was difficult.

This year, Sam mostly got cash which made him pretty happy. I'm not sure if he plans to buy anything or put it in the bank. One of his aunts first presented him with a little plastic poinsettia, pretending it was his gift. It was funny watching him trying to be gracious about the present!

Some photos follow, but the quality is not so good. Something was "wrong" with the camera . . . Sofia had been taking pictures and we thought she changed some settings. I tried for a couple days to figure out the problem, checking through the manual, etc. Eventually, I discovered the sticky fingerprint on the lens . . . Now, the camera works fine!

Sam and Joel show their bowling style!

Sofia watches Sam.

That's a lot of candles!

Enjoying cake with the cousins.

Sofia and some of her cousins dancing to some Russian tunes.

I took this photo yesterday to show what a mild winter we're having, again. There's still open water in the bay.


Cheri said...

Time does fly! Looks like you had fun bowling! Happy Birthday to you, Sam! And, Merry Christmas Eve to you all! That is quite amazing to see the open water... we've been in a deep freeze for over two weeks now...
Merry, Merry Christmas! And, lots of love and joy to your family during this wonderful season!
Love, the Marton Family xoxox

tammy said...

the poinsettia was funny! i'm impressed that he was gracious. that is one good kid!

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