Friday, January 30, 2009


Guess who went skating yesterday? It was Sofia's first time on the ice, and Stefan was the lucky escort :) Actually, it wasn't too bad, because she has rollerbladed before. However, she didn't like the spikes on the figure skates . . . so, she has requested boys' hockey skates. We'll see what we can do about that . . . Also, the ice has a lot of snow on it and is pretty bumpy.

These are my 4 children waiting for the bus this morning. Pretty dark out at 7:45 . . . Yes, Sofia took the bus to school today. I went there about an hour later and hung out in the staff room. She didn't know I was there for another hour. Things went really well. Her class has a short day on Fridays. They had 3 hours, then lunch, then she took the bus back home (I drove home and met her there). Joel has the same schedule, so he was on the bus with her.

Getting on the bus for the first time.

Sofia amazes us every day with how quickly she is learning the language. She actually participated in the lessons at school today. Some people may be worried that she's rejecting Russian so much right now, but for her, it's a safety issue. She doesn't want to talk or hear Russian right now, and we have to respect that. For her, being part of our family means speaking Swedish. Maybe she's afraid she'll have to go back to Russia . . . I don't know. Anyways, in the future we plan to encourage her to continue to speak Russian -there's a program not so far from here for Russian speaking children that we can enroll her in.

Now, for the "wow" factor of the day. I got my first "I love you, Mom" - totally unsolicited. Technically, she said "Sofia tycker om Mama" (Sofia likes Mom) - yes, she speaks in the 3rd person - but I'll take it! She's been very cuddly today . . . I like it. And, I should mention that I did bedtime last night with no problems, and she was asleep within 35 minutes!


Purplestamper said...

Love the Skating photo...So sweet.

Shane and Kathy Gebhardt said...

I love the photos!

Say, I just tagged you on my blog. Please check my blog for more details.

Take Care,

Cheri said...

Love the photo of all 4!! Hooray for you, Mama!

Jackie said...

Oh Barb! Unsolicited like or love is great! And a good bedtime routine on top of that! That is awesome! She looks like she would rally enjoy school and her pictures at the bus stop are so cute! Precious really! I'm glad to hear it was such a good day!

Over-Caffeinated x 4 said...

I would not be the least concerned about the Russian thing. It's survival for these kiddos to assimilate into their new environment, just like it would be for me if I was plopped in Russia without a single English speaking person to help me. I'd be ditching English pretty quickly as a way to communicate, for sure. I know SO many kids that have totally lost their language, much to their parents chagrin. The ones I know who have kept it (2 families out of the 100 or so I worked with) 1 worked really hard with a tutor from the very beginning for her 13 year old daughter. The second family adopted a sibling group and they spoke Spanish to each other and English to everyone else, so they were able to retain it. Everyone else I know has eventually lost it, and though it's a shame, it's not the end of the world, considering everything else she has on her plate right now, you can't keep that at the top of your list. You're doing such a great job sticking to the majors and keeping the minors in perspective! Sorry I'm always so full of opinions... I can't help myself when it comes to orphans!

Becky and Keith said...

Love the pictures!! I know the feeling you get when you hear those unsolicited words! You're doing a great job and I'm glad school is going so well.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Barb!! Wow is right...I'm so happy for you :)

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