Monday, February 9, 2009

picture post

Things are continuing to go smoothly . . . not to say all the time, but enough to say that it's more like a normal household around here now. Yesterday marked 2 months that we "sprang" Sofia from the children's home. Coincidentally, we had Family N over for afternoon coffee. Sofia was incredibly shy and didn't talk to the boys at all. In the morning, when Stefan had been preparing her for the fact that they were coming for visit, she came out of the room and said to me (in Swedish), "Papa wants to hear Russian, but I can't." She even needed help counting - we're not sure if she's truly forgotten, or wants to have forgotten . . .

On Saturday Sofia went to a classmate's birthday party and it went really well. She had a great time and couldn't stop talking about it on the ride home. (Yes, she was there on her own with her classmates!)

Today is the fifth day in a row that it has snowed . . . It's getting pretty deep! Now for some recent photos:

Joel skiing on Thursday.

Sofia skiing . . . it didn't go so well . . . . She was not happy about how deep the snow was . . .not at all like the track at school . . .

Joel and Sofia were playing "Happy Birthday!" I brought them gifts (inside the socks) and "breakfast in bed".

Sofia, Mama and Joel.

Mmmmmm! Licking the spatula!

Sofia found the old Hallowe'en costumes.


kalibug said...

Just came across your blog. Congratulations on your adoption! Your family is beautiful.

Purplestamper said...

awesome great to hear that Sophia went to a birthday party on her own and is doing well at adjusting to school. Sweet. She looks so happy Barb. Keep smiling.

tammy said...

that is a lot of snow! you would probably hate to hear that it was in the 60s here this weekend.

sofia is looking so happy. i love the picture of her and her brother playing "happy birthday"! very cute. what a good brother.

Becky and Keith said...

Yikes! That is a lot of snow! I would be okay with one day of snow, but 5?? Love the pictures of the kids skiing... too cute! Sophia is a girl after my own heart licking the spatula. :-) Glad to here things are becoming "normal" (as normal as they can with kids running around!).

Ondrea Harrison said...

She's so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know whether I should leave a comment on my own blog or here, but I'll write here. lol.

For us (UBC students), reading break is from Feb. 16th to 20th. So we get full 9 days to relax :)

My sister only gets the 16th & 17th off.

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