Saturday, April 4, 2009

look what I did!

After years of the boys refusing to let me braid their hair, I finally have a little girl to practice hairdos on! Of course, in the beginning, the hair was a huge issue, so just getting it brushed was an accomplishment in itself. Now, as we've been having more fun doing Sofia's hair it was time to find something new. But I've been stuck in a rut. We've done braids, french braids, ponytails, pigtails and curls, but not much else because I'm not really creative. However, this week I clicked on a link on a link on a link, etc. on someone's blog and ended up in a whole new blogworld - one of mommies showing off their daughters' dos, and several of them with step-by-step how-to instructions. Yippee! After looking through one blog's hairdos and watching some of the instructional videos, Sofia picked this hairstyle as the first one we would try (she even said she would sit as still as the little girl in the video:).

The style is called "French Twist Piggies".
It involved 2 french twist braids on the top of the head and 2 french twists at the back worked into buns with the ends sticking out.

I think it turned out pretty good for our first try, although the buns are hard for me to figure out and look like they're about to fall out.

At bedtime, we undid the buns and she slept with the piggies in, so that is how she's worn her hair today, although it looks a bit messy.

I'm looking forward to trying something else soon!


Joy said...

How cool. I love that she is so interested in getting her hair done.

Purplestamper said...

Jayde doesn't even like me to brush her hair :-( enjoy it while it lasts. That is very cool. Jayde has drawn a picture and we will send it along to Sophia soon. :-) What do you do to celebrate Easter?

tammy said...

love it! what was that blog where you found all the hairdos?

Cheri said...

WOW!! You're doing alot more than I did with Stephanie's!!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Oh so cute! What progress. Now be sure to share that site... I'm in a rut too!

kate said...


Not sure I quite know what you did, though...four french braids that merged into two buns? Sounds tres chic!

Kim Abraham said...

Very impressive!

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