Friday, June 5, 2009

i'm hungry

I am currently in the last few hours of the 3 Day Hospital Diet. It stinks. Tonight was the worst meal . . . I was supposed to eat a cup of tuna (barf) and a half cup of cauliflower. I couldn't do it. Sofia ate most of it (the tuna), with joy, from my plate.

Anyways, does it count as a successful diet if all I think about is what I'm gonna eat tomorrow?

Yesterday we got our copy of the SW's report - we passed with flying colours (no mention of the bike incident, the cold showers or bouncing on her head on the trampoline). The last line read: The adoption in Sofia Holm's case has been very successful.


Kristine said...

I need to know about this diet! did it work? I like tuna...

I am back a few days early and wanted to tell you that the canteens were from Gordmans, a retail chain.

I am off to the swimming pool with my crew and hope to catch up on blogs soon!!!!


Cheri said...


Can't wait to see you!!!

Kristine said...

Ok...THANKYOU SO MUCH! I think I fixed it? Please check again and let me know...that word was an oops. Maybe what I was truly feeling though? hmmm

Jackie said...

I can so echo you on the Tuna! I can't even smell it.... barf. lol!

Jackie said...

Also, forgot to say Yay! on your SW's report! It feels good to get that done doesn't it??

tammy said...

i hate tuna too! what's on the menu for tomorrow?

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