Wednesday, June 3, 2009

my kids - up close

On this day I posted a video from Monday evening. Sofia had been battling a cold and her voice was cracking us up! It was still raspy, but getting better. As I may have mentioned before, she talks non-stop, so getting her to rest her voice was very difficult!

In the video, Sofia understands me, even though I'm speaking English. But, she mostly answers in Swedish. How cool is that? I usually speak English to her now, unless it's more conceptual (then I have to speak Swedish).

btw, the SW called last Friday (to get our employment addresses) and, according to her, everything was fine with the visit:-) They were especially impressed with Sofia's language development. The only thing they caution us about is starting school in the fall . . . Sofia has just finished the somewhat equivalent of kindergarten and is set to start Grade 1 in the fall (here, students don't start school until the year they turn 7). The SWs are of the opinion that institutionalized kids need to be kids as long as possible, that play is very important for them to learn how to do. We are torn with this because Sofia is REALLY looking forward to Grade 1. She wants to do what Joel has been doing this year in Grade 1. She talks about it a lot. If we hold her back, she will be really unhappy.


corduroygirl said...

Aww, so cute. I love how you guys flip between Swedish and English. I'm sure Sofia will be fluent in English when she leaves here this summer. Have fun in BC!
You know what she would love, Lindsay had such fun at spring break, is the carousel at Burnaby Village museum. It's only $2.00 a ride, and you don't have to go into the actual village to ride it. We, unfortunately for me, did the unlimited rides for 5.00 when they had it in the spring.


Loved Sofia's hair with the ribbons, that was my favourite. Micheal's had some fun ribbon on sale last week.

Jackie said...

Barb- I loved getting to see your family in action and hear everyone speaking. (It was great to hear your voice too) :-) Sophia is speaking and understanding SO well... the SW was correct. Two languages to understand and flip between is just amazing!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Thanks for sharing the video! It is amazing to hear Sophia talk, and to see your children "moving" was really fun! Between yesterday and today, I'm re-evaluating my desire to let the boys keep their Russia going. As a parent that is not fluent, like you, there are definite disadvantages, and the last 2 days have proven that! : ) I like the "ecofriendly" weed killer. : )

The deMented Mom said...

Just love your family Barb...Sofia is a doll.

Purplestamper said...

Loved the Video of your kids up close. I noticed Sam riding in the background, yet he didn't stop for an interview. Teenagers. travels. The hair with the ribbon was also my favorite :-)

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

You know, I understand everything the SW is saying about play, etc. however, I also think you have to be careful about broad policy when it comes to PI kids. Sofia seems to have adjusted so much easier than some kids her age. I would let Sofia be her own case study and do what you feel is in her best interest.

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