Sunday, July 5, 2009

dealing with damage

First off, today was a busy day dealing with the aftermath of "the flood". We're pretty sure the problem was from the upstairs toilet - the shut-off valve malfunctioned and the tank overflowed. The upstairs bathroom floor was wet and then the water found its way downstairs through the floor/ceiling, following pipes, etc. It's hard to explain the layout downstairs, but suffice it to say, there's damage to the bathroom walls, bathroom lino, cabinets that line the outside of the bathroom walls, the ceiling and a section of carpeting in the basement entry (not to mention almost evrything that was in the cabinets).

Dad called the insurance company first thing this morning. By 12:30, the guy from the restoration company was here and about a half hour later Drew, the project manager from the restoration company (who, btw, looks like he's about 14). We'll see what the insurance company okays, but it looks like they're recommending replacing both bathrooms' lino and baseboards, the bathroom walls, the cabinets, and the ceiling. We're not sure about the contents . . . the stuff we threw out was not valuable. As far as the albums and scrapbooks go, Drew sent over a couple ladies (I was out with my kids) this afternoon and they've taken them all to be restored. It sounds like they'll glue them flat into similar books and scan them, do some retouching in Photoshop and we'll get the originals back as well as the new copies. Right now, there are 2 dehumidifiers and 2 industrial fans running in the house, trying to dry things out. Overall, we're quite pleased with how fast things have gone and how pleasant everyone has been:-)

As I mentioned, I was out with the kids. We went to the Christian bookstore so I could shop around a bit - I finally got my copy of Crazy Love! Then we went to White Spot for dinner, which brings up another issue . . . I'm having trouble again with Sofia and food. All 3 dinners at the cabin were an issue as well as dinner tonight at the restaurant. If she's decided she doesn't like something, or isn't going to eat it, a battle ensues . . . she will chew something in her mouth for 5 minutes and not swallow . . . she will move the food constantly around her plate, etc. I think it's a control thing, but I'm not positive. She'll eat McDonald's hamburgers, but not mine or White Spot's. On Tuesday night we had steak. I know she's not a huge beef fan, so I gave her only a small piece - it took her 2 hours to finish . . . 2 days later she heard we were having hotdogs for dinner and I said she should eat some of the leftover steak first - she finished a small portion (with potatoes) in less than 10 minutes.

Some pictures of our last week:

One of the trees in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

By the totem poles in Stanley Park. The North Shore is in the background.

Me and the children last Sunday at Buntzen Lake (about a 35 minute drive from my dad's house).

My brother (Uncle Steve) celebrated his birthday at the cabin - each candle represents 4 years. Can you tell how old he is?

My dad taught Sam how to play Crib. He'd played it before but couldn't remember any of the rules.

Mattias out on the lake. Can you see the bottle of shampoo tucked into the ring's handle?

On Wednesday night, Sofia had been sent to bed early over the dinner issue (the boys were out with Uncle Steve). When I went outside to the loo, I found these ducks in our yard. I told dad that he could get Sofia up since it's not everyday you get to feed ducks in your yard. These 3 were so tame, they were eating out of our hands.

And even letting Sofia pet them.

They came back later when the boys were home, so they also got a chance to feed them and pet them. There were 2 other mallard families hanging around (one mamma and baby would only eat in the water while the other mamma and a bunch of ducklings wouldn't eat at all) and a family of Golden Eyes (whose mamma kept attacking the mallard ducklings). The pappa from the family we're feeding in these photos was hanging out in the lake when these guys were on shore.

Happy 4th to my American friends!!


Jackie said...

Hey Barb-

We have similar issues with Small Fry. I know he is a lot younger than Sophia, but I think it is a control issue. He really wants to be in control.

I am way behind on blogs, because we are just now coming off of a 10 day vacation/roadtrip. We've been staying at many different peoples homes as we have traveled to visit and catch up with friends. Small Fry did pretty well, but he is out of his environment that he has grown accustomed too, so we were prepared to see some issues because of that.

Maybe because she is away from home she feels less in control. For small fry his home environment is one where he has routine, and when we take him out of that (especially for as long as we've traveled over the last 10 days) we'll see some issues. I'm expecting a few more meltdowns once we get home again too...

Not sure if that helps.... but hope so!

Amy said...

You just brought back so many memories. We had a cottage when I was growing up - and came home one weekend to find it raining in our dining room. Apparently, the toilet bowl in the bathroom upstairs cracked and it was running all weekend - creating the rain downstairs. Believe it or not everything survived. I was told a couple years ago my dad suspects it was because my mom used to put a brick into the toilet bowl (water displacement, and 70's water conservation)... but it was really stressful and messy for a bit!

Can't help you with the food issues but it does sound like a control issue - which is so typical. My great eater - will eat anything - is slowly morphing into an opinionated 2 yr old... "yucky" when she just ate it and liked it two days ago.

Shane and Kathy Gebhardt said...

I have been a bad blogger I apologize. I am just catching up on some of your recent posts. I'm so sorry to hear about your flooding issue. However, it appears that everything is working out well and (hopefully) soon your house will be back to normal. What an ordeal!

I love all of the pictures of your family! Thanks for sharing them. Regarding the food issues....Our experience with Trey was similiar.... He really didn't like most of the foods that we offered to him early on. He resisted and we just let him eat the foods that he liked. However, over time, he has come to like many things here in America. I credit much of this to the menu at school. I think that he was hungry-enough to try some foods at school that he wouldn't have tried at home. After trying them... he realized that they weren't so bad. Now, he eats almost everything that Shane and I eat. Hopefully, your daughter will give in and start trying more foods as well.

God's Blessings as you deal with these trying moments. You have a beautiful daughter...I'm sure that she brings you so much joy!

kate said...

I think Sofia will be eating better once she's home. I agree that this new environment, with less of a schedule, has probably contributed to her re-discovered pickiness.

But, what do I know? ;>

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Others are right on with the food thing... most likely, she is a little insecure about being away from the familiar and when our kiddos "regress" it sometimes shows up in small ways. This is one of the few things (sleep, eat, toileting) that a child can control in their environment. Most likely, she is controlling the things she can control so that she feels more secure. I would not make a battle of it. Take the "we're on vacation" mode so that when she gets home, she knows those rules were about being on vacation, at home, the expectations are the same as before. I think you'll find that she bounces back when you get back into her routine. Of course, I could be wrong, it's happened one other time! :)

Anonymous said...

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