Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the ditch-digging's done . . . well, sort of

I should have posted this last week - the fellows we hired to dig the drainage ditches around the yard finished their work last Thursday - that also included filling the ditches back in, of course.

We still have a lot of work to do ourselves, though, and most of it will probably have to wait until the spring. For one thing, the weather here has turned cold and rainy and for another, it's better to let all the sand and gravel settle before we start landscaping. It also gives us a chance to think and plan what we want to do!

Here's how things proceeded until now:

Early last week, the digging continues down the western side of the house (across the yard to empty into the ditch along the road). We had already removed one spruce tree to make room for the machines, but this other one's going too - it looks pretty sad with the branches cut like that . . .

Removing the last loads from the "rock graveyard".

Removing the roots from that second spruce tree.

Digging along the front of the house (I'm taking the picture from up on the balcony).

Last Thursday - filling all the holes.

Today - our main doors are back in use. Maybe we'll start a new trend with our walkways made of pallets?

During the whole 2 weeks Stefan and the guys were out working in the yard, the weather was beautiful! It was cool, so comfortable for heavy work. Rain had been forecast almost every day, but never came.

On Saturday, I worked all day, facilitating a scrapbook workshop. I had planned to get out and do yard work on Sunday (since my car is STILL in the body shop, we can't go to church), but it stormed on Sunday - RAIN and WIND! On his way to the farm, Stefan had to stop and pick up some of our garbage (plastic and styrofoam) that had blown down the road.

Yesterday was nice again, so I was able to get out and gather most of the junk spread out on our "lawn", wash some windows, put away some of the patio furniture and clean up the yard a bit. Today is stormy again . . . more rain and more wind . . . The water is high. Take a look:

You usually step over the side of our boat and down into it. On the right side of the picture, you can't see our neighbour's dock that their boat is tied to because it's under water.

The arrows are pointing to fields that shouldn't be covered in water.


Anonymous said...

Hej. Vad bra att grävningen runt huset är avslutad nu, så att ni kan återgå till ett mer "normalt" liv! Hoppas bilen blir fixad snart också! Vi ses. A-L

tammy said...

It looks beautiful where you live!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

All I can think when looking at those photos is how much fun my boys would have climbing on those big piles of dirt.

Glad the doors are back to business.... I'm definitely coming to visit you. I can't stand how gorgeous it is there. Plus, I really want to meet the new puppy! :) haha

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