Friday, November 6, 2009

first snow

We got our first snow yesterday and it seems to be sticking around . . .

When I called the kids in for dinner this evening, I saw this massive snowball Sofia was working on (her brothers had helped earlier). I thought . . . ooohhh great photo op! . . . ran in and grabbed the camera.

It wasn't until the flash went off that I saw the "damage".

Remember all the yard work? The dumptruck loads of sand?

Well, Sofia's wearing it.

*groan* Must. load. the. washing. machine.

PS. Max was just outside for his evening visit to the "loo", and he spent most of the time barking at the giant snowball.


Craig and Phyllis said...

So does this mean that you will have to deal with the sand til next April or May?!!

Too funny about the dog barking at the big snowball!

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

Love snow. . .can't wait for ours to come. Here in Virginia, it can happen by our Thanksgiving (11/27, this year). But, January and February are our big months--we can get some doozies out of the Nor'Easters. Hope Sofia didn't "wear" ALL of the sand!! : )

Becky and Keith said...

Hehehe... looks like a girl on a mission to me! :-) Love the fact that the dog barked at the snowball. That would totally be something mine would do!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

I am laughing hard about the dog laughing at the snow ball.... and the MUST LOAD LAUNDRY comment... honestly, I could just put that one a repeating loop and it would be the story of my life! :)

kate said...

I love the big, sandy snowball. It's like going to the beach in Finland. ;>

Kristine said...

That snow looks pretty fun! I know you probably get sick of it, but we just don't get enough of it some years...I am hoping this year we get enough to go sledding a few times. So fun. Great pictures Barb.

Purplestamper said...

Hey Barb.

The first We have had loads of rain in the past few days, no snow yet. Love that S is reading all about the NHL. Her Uncle Mark will be so impressed.
:-) Have a wonderful week. Love your posts.

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