Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my new favourite movie

is “Up”.

Mattias got it in his Easter basket. I had never seen it before this weekend.

I watched it 2 times on Sunday.

I bawled in the beginning.

I laughed so hard at so many parts. It was written brilliantly, and the dogs’ dialogue totally cracks me up.

The Alpha Dog (Pepsi) is not happy that Max is laughing at her.

Max is trying to “high-5” the Alpha Dog.

Pepsi is getting her Cone of Shame taken off on Friday.

What’s your favourite “kid” movie?


Mama Fish said...

I love the name... cone of shame. Too funny. I bet Pepsi will be glad to have it off!

Favorite kid movie? Hmm... that's a tough one... I've seen so many recently. I think Flushed Away is very cute... :-)

Amy said...

We bought UP as well -- part of a Disney club, but haven't watched it yet.

I kept meaning to tell you that we had to do the cone of shame - on a CAT last summer. UGH! Casey, our newest calico that arrived last May had her front claws removed AND was fixed. She was the worst patient ever. Picked at the claws and then bit off the external stitches on her tummy. She ended up getting a big pink bandage on the paw and surgical glue on the stomach ALONG with the cone of shame. We called her cone-head and coney balogna for weeks. You'll be glad when it's done (as will she) but be thankful you didn't have to deal with the issues!!

Kristine said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who bawled like a big baby during the beginnin of Up...well, and at the end too. So touching...great movie.

Have you seen How to Train a Dragon? loved it too! Just saw it last weekend.

Both of your dogs are adorable.

Craig and Phyllis said...

Ryan got the movie from Netflix last fall. I was crying in the first 5-10 minutes!! I almost decided to leave, but I'm glad I didn't. I loved the movie. James got his own copy for Christmas. So now anytime I want to cry, I can go watch it! : )

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