Sunday, May 16, 2010

rainbows and unicorns

We’ve had some wacky weather around here this week. About 11 days ago, when I was getting my haircut, my stylist (who lives in the big city town) said it had been below freezing when she got up that morning. Now, we’re having a bit of a heat wave . . . Saturday was up to 29C/84F while Friday and today have been about 25C/77F . . . I mean, it’s not really super hot, but such a drastic change! Anyways, it’s also meant some lightning and thunderstorms . . . and rainbows, too:
I got a chance to go scrapbooking this weekend . . . Friday evening and all day Saturday. It was so nice to be able to get away without any distractions and do some power scrapping. I was working on our cruise from 2008 and I’m pretty close to finishing the album . . . another few hours should do it.
We’ve had a 4 day weekend! Thursday was kristi himmelfärsdag (Ascension) and is recognized as a statutory holiday here. Our school district also got Friday off (but will be in session on Saturday, May 22, in lieu). However, most other things were still normal on Friday . . .  Mattias had theory, I had physio . . .
I’ve spent several evenings working on a photo album (the online kind that you send for printing) for Sofia’s great grandmother. The orphanage’s Social Worker is coming to Helsinki in 2 weeks and we will go down to meet her, so we will take the opportunity to give her some things to take back to GG along with an explanation of why it would be better to wait a while longer to meet with Sofia . . .

PS – there’s nothing about unicorns here . . . I just thought it was a catchy title . . .


kate said...

i've been keeping up with grey's, castle and lost. missing pr. antm was so-so, i thought.

oh--heroes! I forgot them.

it's warmer there than here, but we had the same one-day slide into summer. weird. i'm not sure it will last.

you guys flying to canada this year?

corduroygirl said...

How did the digital scrapbooking work for you? What program did you use?

I was sad the cowboys didn't win either :( I'm liking Parenthood right now (love Lauren Graham), Mad Men is keeping me interested (you'd have to go back to watch the 1st and 2nd season though). No reality shows I can think of.

Mama Fish said...

At the end of your post I was wondering... "Hey she didn't mention anything about unicorns". lol!

If you can go back to the beginning I would recommend watching The Good Wife. Very good new series here in the States. Almost always leaves me wanting to see the next episode. I think this week is the last episode season finale.

AddingOn said...

Barb, that cracked me up about the unicorns!
We also have grandparents that we have kept in contact with for A. They also want to come to visit, the USA from Russia!! I also think A would not react well to this, and I can only imagine what her behavior would be like while they were here, I know we and her are not ready for that yet. The photo book is a great idea!!

Kristine said...

Burn Notice is getting ready to start back up.

I also just rented Leap Year...really cute movie. Watched it TWICE and I never do that.

Stacy, Pat and Aidan said...

I have nothing to offer on the TV shows. . .We're so bad about it all. We always do movies or Wii. Love the Blind Side. . .I also love the oldies: Pride and Prejudice, etc. Really square. . .Don't unicorns live under the Rainbow??? Trying to recall the myth we believed as little girls. . .

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