Sunday, June 13, 2010

skolavslutning (school year end {assemblies})

This is being posted one week late because we went away on holiday to Sweden for 7 days.
Last Saturday was the last day of school for all 4 kiddos.
First up was the ceremony at the elementary school:
Sofia, reading her poem about summer.
Joel reading his summer poem.
Sofia and some of her classmates wait in front to receive their report cards.
I know the quality of the photo is bad, but I think it’s so funny that Joel and his classmates are already comparing their reports before they even sit down.
Mattias and his classmates. Mattias received another bursary this year (30€) for doing his school work responsibly.
Another bad quality photo (darn the point and shoot) . . . Sam and the rest of the Ninth Graders ceremoniously enter the room where the high school ceremony is held. They are the important ones this year as they are “graduating”. Grade 9 is the last year of mandatory schooling in Finland. After this they choose where they want to go next . . . senior high, technical school, trade school, etc.
Sam, receiving his report card from his teacher and the principal (as he towers over them). His report card folder actually contains all the reports he has through his school years in Finland. The final page is his high school final report, which takes into account all reports he has received in high school and looks at trends (has he improved?). This final report is what the schools for next year consider when deciding whether or not to admit students to their programs.
Sam’s class (the smallest one, at only 14 students). Of the 100-something students in Grade 9, almost all the boys wore suits.
Sam’s class.
The little ones in their new outfits. This picture was supposed to be taken in the morning, but because I had my time all mixed up and they missed the morning bus and I had to drive them, we didn’t have time for this picture until late afternoon . . .
Sofia’s Hairdo.
Thanks to all who left a comment awhile back on the hair blog to get instructions for the ribbon braid. I was going to do it, but Sofia ended up with more casual clothes and that hairdo was too fancy . . . so we’ll save that one for a dressier occasion!


Nancy said...

Quite the busy day, that last day of shows that Sam is the tallest in the school,eh?!!! What are his plans for the Fall?? and yes, it did look very smart with the gr. 9'ers in suits. Sofia was very cute in her outfit and I love that about the little beside her was wearing the matching pink one.........
How was your little vacation????
Luv ya all,
Nancy and Colin

Becky and Keith said...

Wow!! Such a busy day! What will Sam do next? I wanted to tell you that I spent the weekend with some friends and I called their dog Pepsi all weekend long because he looked just like yours! :-)

Craig and Phyllis said...

I was thinking that Sophia's hair looked different than the style that I looked at on the other blog, but I couldn't remember what that was to look like! So thanks for the explanation!

I like that your schools over there have such a nice "ceremony." I think it is nice to actually celebrate some accomplishments!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have some of the same thing that you were describing, but more with just one of my boys. It is wearing on the nerves. I think I will have to email soon.

Cori Benson said...

Your blog is great! Congrats to all your kids for 'graduating!

I have to say that Sofia's hair is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! You truly have a gift!

Cori from Seattle

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