Tuesday, October 5, 2010

contrary to popular belief . . .

. . . I have not fallen off the face of the earth.
I have been incredibly busy. We have been incredibly busy.
And last week I was s.i.c.k. Well, not so sick I couldn’t do my job(s), but I had a stinkin’ head cold that wouldn’t let me sleep (despite the NyQuil) more than 4 or 5 hours most nights, so I was tired almost every day and my nerves were fried.
Fried nerves don’t cooperate well with a child who is still having PI issues and decided that last week was going to be a doozy of a week.
In the last 2 weeks I have been to 2 teachers’ professional inservices in the evenings (here in Finland, teachers must do 2½ of them every year on their own time – an evening inservice counts as a ½ one – there are no Pro-d days).
I have taught English classes at night, 2 nights per week. I have had a Scrapbooking workshop every other Thursday evening. Joel and Sofia have Floorball practices on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Luckily, we are blessed to have other families who are helping with the driving:)
Mattias went to weekend sports camp last weekend.  That same weekend, I took Sam to the big city (Vaasa) so I could get my hair done and we could get him some new clothes. It was really nice to just spend a few hours with him. That doesn’t get to happen so often.
This past Friday, I took Joel and Mattias to another big city (Kokkola) to get a new printer and microwave. They also got haircuts because yesterday was picture day at school.
But, I was so excited yesterday to get a long-awaited package in the mail:
P1030908 I just put it on the freezer this morning, so it is a blank slate – soon to be filled with all our events, colour-coded (of course). Also, on the  freezer, you can see Sam’s, Sofia’s and my school schedules – they are there for Stefan . . . .
And, I have been working on a big project that I took on about 6 weeks ago – a friend asked me to make her wedding invitations. The design process took a while, and I have spent lots of time fiddling around on Photoshop and Microsoft Office Word 2007 (which has been lots of fun figuring out what these programs can do). The cards would probably be done right now, but I ran out of adhesive on Sunday night . . . off to town this afternoon to get more . . . (98 invites, 3 languages . . .)P1030906
The weather was nice on Sunday, and I was a little tired from sitting and cutting and taping, so we loaded the kids in the van and went out to enjoy some nature and fresh air:
I’m not sure why I’m feeling so overwhelmed this fall. I was working the same hours 2 years ago (autumn 2008 while we were waiting for our court date), but maybe it’s just that teacher prep is more prep than I had as an assistant, the invitations, the fact that Sofia demands a lot of attention and time, or the papers that I am writing (or should be at this very moment). I was so mad at myself last night when I forgot to take along my reading material for during the kids’ floorball practices:


Purplestamper said...

Awesome to have you back and to hear all about your busy life. I missed you and your blog. Glad you are doing okay despite the cold. :-( I know that it makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in the busy day to day ... Making invitations or trying to come up with a craft for a retreat...we moms have lots going on. Good to be in touch... from Canada

Craig and Phyllis said...

It has been awhile, and I was wondering how you were doing. You still make me exhausted to read what all you have going on in your day!

Sorry to hear about the bad cold and the stressful days last week dealing with the other issue. I can understand some of those "other" issues. I was on the receiving end of some comments last week that I had not heard in quite awhile.

I thought of you last week. The news has been doing specials about the education in America. They did a segment on Finland and the school system there. Made me think of you!

Nancy said...

Boy oh Boy.........you are one busy lady and family!!!
You are always doing and/or helping someone. You ever notice that the busier you are and the nicer you do the work, you end up getting more to do.......and it all gets done.
You mentioned that you took Sam shopping for clothes.....how tall is he now?? I couldn't believe how tall he was this past summer(loved that visit and will perish the memories)
Take it easy, get lots of rest and get rid of that cold....without passing it around....lol.....
Love to ALL :)

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Ugh, I hate seasons like that. Maybe it's just trying to get your groove with everything you have going on, but it still feels yucky! I'll say a prayer for you... Love ya girl!

Tezzie said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment!...especially considering how busy you've been!! Holy crap, girl...you've gotta slow down...you're going to burn out. Seriously.

And, that doggy pic??...not actually Max!! His name is Zorro, and belongs to Hubby's sister's hubby's family (how's that for confusing!!? ;D)...totally freaked me out the other week when I met Max and saw how alike they are! The resemblance must be even closer than I thought...I wonder if they're related.

Oh, and the poster...I'll see what Santa has available ;D

Take care, my friend...and please take some time for yourself!!!

tammy said...

so sorry you were sick! that is no fun.

hang in there with that busy schedule! it is great to get an update though.

kate said...

It sounds like there is too little joy in your job and too much paperwork! Bleh. I feel your pain.

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