Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and just like that, it’s over

School that is.
Our last day of school was Saturday, June 4th. The last day is called “Vårfest”/Spring Festival. It begins with a service at the Lutheran Church is the school’s catchment area, followed by coffee and refreshments at the school and a program that usually includes some performances, awards, recognition and the handing out of report cards.
Local businesses and organizations give scholarships to each school to distribute to students. Joel got one for “good schoolwork”. Although he’s not an academically strong student, the award recognizes that he’s trying his best.
Sofia getting her report card.
Joel getting his report card.
Mattias and the rest of the Sixth Graders being recognized. It’s their last year at the school.
The last song of the year.
The Grade 6s wave goodbye to their elementary school years (one student is missing from the pic, though).
And a bit of puppy love thrown in for good measure.


Craig and Phyllis said...

I love how they make so many childhood events special over there! What great memories.

I think I missed the second puppy coming into the house with your family. : ) Glad it is you and not me!

Hoping that your next couple weeks can calm some, too. Have you started the LLBY study again? I have not, but I really need to.

Tezzie said...

Can you believe summer is finally here!!?? Looks like your spring has been busy, to say the least ;) And, I can't believe you've gotten 2 puppies!!! Bruno is going to be huge...be sure to get Sam to invest in some hard core obedience training!

Hope you're doing well, my friend, and enjoying the start of summer :D

Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

Yay, Summer! No more schedules to keep, a little sleeping in here and there and just relaxing! Love the puppies! congrats on Mattias, what school will he go to now? A junior high of sorts?

Rachel said...

Great pictures!! They grow so fast -- it just seems like they're all little and then summer comes and you begin to see just how the years are racing by.

Congrats to your kids!

kate said...

Your school looks so warm and homey. ;>

Have a great summer! Are you headed to North America? Maybe we can meet up there.

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