Thursday, October 20, 2011

the regular check up that wasn’t

Yesterday, Joel and Sofia had to leave school early to go to the dentist for their annual check ups. Joel was first in the chair, and I had to tell them about a new tooth he was getting that was really bothering him (first premolar) . . . the baby tooth hadn’t fallen out yet, but the permanent tooth had already broken through the gum above (top teeth).
After examining it, the dentist decided that the baby tooth had to be pulled so that the permanent tooth could come down in the right place. Unfortunately, the tooth wasn’t the least bit loose, so he had to have an injection of a local anesthetic before the tooth was pulled. Poor guy. First time for him. There was no cleaning. Just 2 new appointments and a referral for x-rays because he has to get a headgear . . .
Sofia’s turn. She says she has no concerns about any of her teeth, but when the dentist looks in her mouth she sees that Sofia has the same problem: a permanent tooth has erupted before the baby tooth has fallen out. And guess what? It’s the exact same one as Joel’s. No kidding. I can’t make this stuff up. So, Sofia also had to have a tooth pulled . . . but hers was bit loose, so she was only given a topical anesthetic. No cleaning for her either, but she did get her teeth brushed with flouride while they were waiting for the topical to kick in . . . She also got a form of braces: a night guard to correct the bite of her front teeth a bit . . .
Ten minutes later, here were my two not-so-happy campers in the waiting area:

At least the Tooth Fairy is generous when the teeth haven’t come out by themselves . . .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

sweet surprises

Every once in a while, Joel and Sofia play really well together. After all, they’re only 19 months apart in age. They have some serious sibling rivalry (which has many complicated layers to it), but there are times when their interests line up, and their moods are just right, so that they can enjoy some good times together. Yesterday, they put on a “cooking show” for me outside my kitchen window:
Then we have this adorable 6 month old puppy, Bella. How cute is she!? How often do dogs lay like this:
Some sweet surprises turn a little messy . . . Mattias told me on the phone one evening that he was making dinner (it was homework for his cooking class). Pizza was on the menu. This was what greeted me:
And, although the pizza tasted really good, school recipes don’t feed a family of six . . .
One final sweet surprise . . . while Joel and I were doing a Bible study at the kitchen table, Sofia was listening and drawing . . . and then slipped this under my telephone:
The sentiment of the drawing is over-the-top sweet, but there are some really funny aspects to the picture, too . . . why are we standing on pedestals? . . .  why am I wearing green shoes with what appears to be a really short top?
Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

are you jealous?

. . . of our view during breakfast last Thursday:
Don’t be.
Although we had a couple of fantastic sunrises last week, yesterday’s temperature got down to –1C/30F.

The Holms

Denmark Road Trip

The outskirts of St. Pete

St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg: Sankt-Peterburg, Russian pronunciation: is a city and a federal subject of Russia located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. The city's other names were Petrograd (1914–1924) and Leningrad (1924–1991). Founded by Tsar Peter I of Russia on 27 May, 1703, it was the capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years (1713–1728, 1732–1918). Saint Petersburg is home to more than two hundred museums, many of them hosted in historic buildings. The largest of the museums is the Hermitage Museum, featuring interiors of the former imperial residence and a vast collection of art. Celebrating the 300th anniversary of its foundation, Saint Petersburg was selected as the main motif in a recent Finnish commemorative coin, the €10 Mannerheim and Saint Petersburg commemorative coin, minted in 2003. The reverse of the coin features a view of Saint Petersburg, with the Peter and Paul Fortress and its three turrets. In the coin the words "St. Petersburg 1703-2003" can be seen.