Sunday, April 15, 2012

not so busy, but busy enough

I took some pictures earlier this week, with every intention of posting them that very day . . . but then I forgot to move them from the camera to the computer . . . and, well . . .  you know . . . I got distracted.
Anyways, Bella turned 1 on Tuesday.
She had a Kung Fu Panda party. Just kidding. Joel wanted to make her a meat cake. I said no.
Bruno took a party favour and escaped to the couch in the Rec Room. Note, he pretty much takes up the whole couch.
Side by side shots of Bella at 1 year and at 2 months:

The only other big news around here is that I wrote a big exam yesterday – a Swedish-language proficiency exam. It was 5 hours long; first reading comprehension, followed by time in the studio doing listening comprehension (answers both written and spoken, which were recorded), then a written portion (3 “essays” which required me to not only write but have opinions about subjects I had no opinions of!) and finally an interview which was video-taped (again, I had to have opinions about 2 topics I was only given 2 minutes to think about!). It will be 2 months before I receive the results, so I’ve put the grammar books away and won’t take them out again unless I need to re-do the test!
That’s all for now,


Cheri said...

Happy Birthday Bella! No meat cake? Too funny...
And Bruno is gi-normous!!
That exam explanation exhaausted me!

Purplestamper said...

I want to echo Cheri's comments and cause I am also SHERI I think that works. I love your blog Barb, so glad you do it cause it makes the world seem a little smaller. I think of you often. Happy Day and Keeping my fingers crossed for a great test result.


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